How Many Coffees 2014 Edition Today at TechEd

For those on-site at TechEd join us in Grand Ballroom B at 2:45 PM.

To watch online see


Speaking at the Mississippi PowerShell Users Group Nov 12

Thanks to an invitation from the ever gracious Mike Robbins I’ll be speaking about “Scripts that Scale” on Nov 12. The group is frequented online by folks from all over, so don’t miss out just because you’re not in Mississippi.

TechEd 2013 “How Many Coffees…” Debrief

I had a downright delightful time at TechEd this week. I made several new friends and discovered new random things to be interested in… but as for boot performance (my current passion) here are some highlights:

Boot Performance Session “How Many Coffees Can You Drink While Your PC Starts” Was a Hit

  • Featured on TechNet Springboard and in “Taste of TechEd” series:  a select group of large scale TechEd sessions filmed and webcast live
  • Top 10 rated session for Windows: right behind celebrity presenters like Mark Minasi and Mark Russinovich
  • Was mobbed with questions and inquiries after session
  • Many people approached me in the halls and parties afterward to say it was the most important session at TechEd
  • Presented in the same huge ballroom as Mark Russinovich (though not quite as full)

Industry Reach & Winning the Platform

PG Reach / Winning the Platform

  • I had some delightful arguments over dinner about the work PC experience with several folks from Windows and Windows Server organizations. I’ll be following up with them.
  • I worked several hours at the Windows and “Scripting Guys” booths, making additional connections within Microsoft and externally


Thanks to Mikel Hancock, Dan Grady, Scott Jiles and Ron Withers for supporting my attempts to change the world. Thanks to Pieter Wigleven, Jeff Stokes, Milad Aslaner, Joao Botto and others in the desktop perf community for their ideas and feedback on content. Thanks to Mark Morowczynski for helping to promote the session via the AskPFEPlat blog. Thanks to Stephen Rose. Thanks to everyone else who had a hand in this or is working with us to rescue the work PC experience.